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Uraraca Tarot Cards

Tarot card illustrations in collaboration with マンガPark and ウララカ

Project description

In 2019, I had the opportunity to collaborate with マンガPark to create tarot illustrations to promote ウララカ, a new tarot card reading app. Thru the マンガPark app, users could get their fortune told, and based on those results, a manga would be recommended to them.

The promotional tarot card illustration concept was “cute, round, kind, like a picture book.” Therefore, a simple background and character design and a pastel color palette were essential.



Concept / コンセプト: Cute tarot cards/かわいいタロットカード
In charge of / 担当簡所: Illustration/イラスト
Creation time / 作業時間:30min (rough), 1~2.5h (coloring/finishing) / 30分(ラフ)、12.5時間(着色・仕上げ )
Software used/使用ソフト: